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Download Aqua Data Studio for free. You'll get a fully functional evaluation version with all enterprise features enabled for 14 days. After 14 days, you can purchase a license to continue using Aqua Data Studio.

What's New 18.5 features Redesigned Editors, Schema Synchronization, Connection Monitor, Explain Plans for Amazon Redshift and Teradata, Google BigQuery Standard SQL support, AquaScript templates, enhanced Visual Analytics and much more. Read our New Features guide to learn about all the new features and enhancements.

For licensing information, see Commercial, Open Source Software (OSS) Developers.

You can install and evaluate Aqua Data Studio v18.5 without removing your previous version. This will allow you to swap back and forth between versions as necessary. Version 18.5 will automatically detect all of your registered servers and customizations.


1. Users of Firewall & Antivirus Software: Please note that some Firewall & Antivirus software will remove the download links from your browser and will prevent you from downloading from the links above. If this is the case, you may download directly from the download directory: download/

2. Upgrading from previous version of Aqua Data Studio: Aqua Data Studio is installed separately from previous versions, but still uses the same user settings in the [USER_HOME]\.datastudio\ directory. Multiple versions of Aqua Data Studio may be run without losing your settings. You may uninstall a previous version at any time.