One License, One User, Unlimited DatabasesWho uses Aqua Data Studio?

Aqua Data Studio Licensing

Aqua Data Studio is licensed on a per-named-user basis. ONE License provides ONE user UNLIMITED access to any number of supported DATABASES regardless of vendor. A single user may install the software on as many as two machines simultaneously with any combination of supported operating systems, but only one instance of the software may be used at a time. The same licensing principle is valid for deployments in virtual environments, such as Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix Server. Each user of an Aqua Data Studio instance installed in a virtualized environment will need a separate user license.

Please refer to the End User Agreement for Aqua Data Studio for details.

Aqua Data Server License

Aqua Data Server is licensed on a per-thread basis. This means that a group may license Aqua Data Server depending on the number of threads that need to be executed simultaneously on an instance. Aqua Data Server is a multi-user system and users can execute multiple scripts at a time. Each script execution creates an execution thread, and each user can launch one or multiple threads at a time. The number of threads that can be launched simultaneously reflects the actual use of Aqua Data Server regardless of how many users launched those threads. An Aqua Data Server license limits the maximum number of threads an installation of Aqua Data Server can execute simultaneously at a given moment of time. If the total number of threads allowed by the license are in use, Aqua Data Server will prevent the launching of additional threads until the previously launched threads complete their execution. If it is necessary to execute more scripts than the number of threads defined in the license, scripts can be executed sequentially with the Aqua Data Server Scheduler. An Aqua Data Server license can be extended at any time by purchasing additional thread licenses.

Please refer to the End User Agreement for Aqua Data Server for details.


Subscriptions provide access to customer support, maintenance and upgrades to the purchased software products. An initial purchase of the software product includes a one-year subscription, which may be renewed yearly at 35% of the then current new-license price published on the AquaFold website. When a subscription expires, the licensed user retains a perpetual license to the last version upgrade received. Subscriptions may be renewed at any time. Upon renewal, the new expiration date is extended one year beyond the previous expiration date, regardless of when the license is renewed.


You may download and evaluate a fully functional versions of AquaFold products for 14 (ADStudio) and 30 days (ADServer) before purchasing a license. The purpose of the evaluation period is to give you the opportunity to understand the full functionality of the software and determine its usability in your own work environment. Full support is extended to evaluators during this period. 

We recommend an initial 3–4 hours to install, configure and walk through the software documentation in order to fully evaluate each and every feature of AquaFold products. It is also recommended that you view the following demonstration videos, as they will provide you with a general overview of our software's functionality. Be sure to write down any questions or comments you have, and then email them to us for support.

You may repeat the evaluation process until you are comfortable with the quality and functionality of the product, at which time you may make a decision about the usefulness of AquaFold's software in your own work environment. This method of evaluation prevents users from casually using the software over long periods of time and never fully understanding its capabilities.

Enterprise Licensing

Our Enterprise License is meant to minimize the cost of license key management and order processing. The Enterprise License offers companies with larger deployments of AquaFold products a single Enterprise License Key for frictionless distribution with license usage true-up. This minimizes operational and processing costs on both ends, allowing us to offer cumulative (versus per order) pricing to Enterprise License customers.

In addition to lowering the operational and licensing costs in standard desktop environments, our Aqua Data Studio Enterprise License has been specifically designed for ease of use in Terminal Server and Citrix environments.

Please contact for inquiries regarding our Enterprise License.

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