Vertica DBA Tools

Aqua Data Studio offers a suite of Vertica DBA Tools for the monitoring, maintaining and tuning of the Vertica server. It includes an Instance Manager, Storage Manager, Security Manager, and Session Manager. These managers allow the monitoring and maintenance of Database Objects, Sessions, Users and Permissions via GUI. A Query History view is also provided.

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Aqua Data Studio Vertica Administration Tools Include:

Vertica 1 Instance Manager

Provides GUI view and search access for:

- Instance Summary (Database State, Value)
- Configuration Parameters
- Session Parameters
- Nodes Details
- Query History (DDL, Query, UTILITY SQL executed on Server within Last 1/3/6/12/24 hours,3 days,1/2 weeks,Custom)

Vertica Session Manager

Provides GUI view and search access for:

- Session Details, Kill Session
- Session Statistics
- Session Locks
- Session Grouping (By Session ID, Client PID, and more)

Vertica Storage Manager

Provides GUI view and search access for:

- License Audit (Database Name, License Size (MB) etc.)
- Server Nodes (Node Name, IP Address etc.)
- Storage View of Table, Column and Projection
- File System Information (Node Name, IP Address etc.)

Vertica Security Manager

Provides GUI view and search access for:

- Tree View for Users, Roles, Profiles
- Users View, Create, Alter, Drop
- Roles View, Create, Alter, Drop
- Profiles View, Create, Alter, Drop


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